Golden Baubles : Victorian Etruscan Revival Earrings in 15ct

I don’t use the term breathtaking often, but here it is: an absolutely breathtaking pair of antique Etruscan Revival earrings, featuring delicate ropework and gold beads in an intricate symmetrical pattern. This is yet another example of stunning Victorian jewellery that looks so incredibly contemporary it’s hard to believe they are 150 years old – until you examine the level of craftsmanship, then it’s clear that they were handmade with absolutely painstaking attention to detail and masterful skill the likes of which is not present in modern jewellery.

The Etruscan Revival period sprang to prominence following the discovery of vast quantities of jewellery from the classical world in Etruscan Era Tombs in the Mediterranean and Russia. The Castellani family in Italy studied the ancient jewels throughly and became notorious for producing the very finest of reproduction jewellery. The gentry would travel from all over Europe to their shop in Rome to purchase their pieces, although they also exhibited their jewellery in both Paris Exhibition of 1867 and and 1862 Exhibition in London. The work of the Castellani family was much admired and copied by many jewellers of the time throughout Europe, and these beautiful earrings are most certainly influenced by them.

The golden baubles are an absolute delight to wear – their weight is very pleasing and the original kidney wires keep the earrings securely in place, you need never fear that one will be lost. Unlike many pairs of antique earrings you need not save these for best – they will look appropriate every day and transition beautifully to night time with a change of attire.

The earrings are modelled completely in 15ct gold, hallmarked 15c on one of the wires and have been verified by XRF test. They are most likely English in origin and date to approximately 1870.

They have a 31mm drop, the lower balls have a maximum width of 10.7mm and the pair weigh  3.6grams. They are ready for immediate and everyday wear.


Truly wondrous antique earrings in the Etruscan style, dating from the Victorian Era circa 1870. They are modelled entirely in 15ct yellow gold and are in remarkable condition with no faults to note.

drop 31mm
width 10.7mm
weighs 3.6grams (pair)

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Victorian Etruscan Revival circa 1870


15ct yellow gold, stamped 15c to one earwire and verified by XRF test


drop 31mm
width 10.7mm
weighs 3.6grams (pair)