The Story of Secret Histories

Secret Histories is a little dream nurtured by Aurelia Carbone. Aurelia is an artist and academic with a long history of working in and around the Visual Arts. The appreciation and creation of beautiful things has been her life long passion. She has a postrgaduate degree in Fine Art and has worked and studied in many countries around the world.

Secret Histories began as a hobby. One Aurelia’s small joys is an afternoon fossicking for treasure in out of the way Australian towns on the way from A to B. After several years of hunting and finding she found herself with a surplus of special things. Her collection of treasures was outgrowing her capacity to keep it, but she was happily able to find new loving caretakers through the social media platform Instagram.

Aurelia has been selling and trading her treasure hunting finds directly with other collectors through social media, and also through the Etsy marketplace since 2016. Spurred on by the vibrant community of vintage and antique jewellery collectors her hobby soon became more than a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon – this website is the first step in transforming her enthusiasm for treasure hunting into a career.

She is, like you, a collector. She understands exactly what it means to find your prefect treasure – and just how nervous it can be to make a significant purchase online. She wants you to feel absolutely confident in your purchase. Every item in the shop has been XRF tested for metal content, every gemstone verified by an independent gemologist. Aurelia is deadly serious about describing all items thoroughly and accurately. Please get in touch if you have any questions – she would love to hear from you!

Want to be the first to know?

Aurelia *loves* to share her enthusiasm for new finds – you can follow her adventures in real time on Instagram. Don’t be shy about sending a Direct Message if you see something that speaks to you! Special treasures are often snapped up right away.

Not one for social media?

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