Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer layby / layaway and what are your terms?

Yes! Everybody deserves pretty things, and sometimes it just takes a bit of dedication to achieve a piece on your wishlist. I wouldn’t have most of my favourite things if not for layby so I understand where you are coming from.

[updated on 18th August 2020]

My standard layaway practice is to use Paypal’s invoicing system which allows multiple payments on one invoice. At the commencement of the layby a 20% non-refundable deposit is put down to reserve the item, and you will then have up to 90 days to complete the payments. If your dream treasure is over $1000 we can organise a longer layby plan – I’m happy to work with you towards your goals.

I do not accept cash returns on layby items, but you may request a return for store credit (less the 20% deposit). Payments made towards an incomplete layby will also be redeemable as store credit. There is no expiration date on store credit.

If you’d like to set up a layby or have questions about a piece please send me a message via the contact form or via  Instagram or Facebook.

** I hope to be able to offer AfterPay very soon.

Do you offer a guarantee?

If you need to return your purchase for any reason please let me know within 7 days, I have a no-questions-asked returns policy provided that the item is returned in the condition it was sent.

All of the items I offer for sale have been thoroughly checked for wearability, the metal content has been verified and I work with a local graduate gemologist and registered valuer to determine the gemstones. I take this very seriously because it would keep me up at night if I didn’t! I want you to feel absolutely confident in your purchase. Because I only offer vintage and antique items they will show some signs of their past life – this is part of the charm! It also means I can’t offer a blanket warranty as each item has had it’s own lifetime of prior experience.

Where do you find all this great stuff!!?

Most of it I find right here in Adelaide, would you believe! Online shopping is excellent when you’re looking for something in particular, but if you enjoy a bit of a rummage there’s nothing like the thrill of finding something you love in a little shop and getting to take it home right away. I’m a firm believer in supporting local and/or small businesses so I try to purchase as much stock as I can from little shops in out of the way places. After many years and thousands of miles of travel I have developed a small network of resources. You don’t really expect me to tell you who they are, do you?