Stars, Hearts & Diamonds : Victorian Old Cut Diamond and Ruby Gypsy Ring in 15ct


Such. A. Babe. 🙌 Everything about this timeless, easy-to-wear gypsy ring is easy to fall in love with.

The star of the show has to be the central chunky monkey, super sparkly old cut diamond in an eight-pointed star setting. Accompanied by two large natural rubies in diamond shaped settings and set into slightly rosy 15ct gold, it’s lovely and luxe. This is pretty much a dream ring for those of us who love antiques, but aren’t always gentle with our hands.

Ruby and Diamond rings were often used as engagement rings for the Victorians who imbued every little gesture with secret codes – from a simple bouquet to an engagement ring. The rubies, symbolising passionate love, are accompanied by diamonds, thought to represent strength and endurance – bonding the two together in an indestructible commitment.

Historically ruby is considered the “king of gems” and has symbolised love and passion for many different cultures throughout the ages. Rubies were also thought to have magical powers, protecting the wearer and bringing good fortune.

Today rubies are some of the rarest gemstones, with most of the ruby mines having been exhausted and no new deposits found, ruby lovers are look to antique jewellery to find the best examples. The rubies in this ring a deep in the saturated pinky-red (or “pigeon blood” as they used to call it) colour that lovers of rubies seek out especially. The inclusions within the rubies indicate that they are Burmese in origin and unheated.

While this glorious ring looks to be in incredible condition with the naked eye, under a loupe there are several signs of her well-lived life. As you would expect of a 100+ year old ring, the stones show some wear to the table facets and other small nibbles of time. Please pay careful attention to the photographs as they show the stones at 20x magnification. Please also note the dimensions of the ring as it may appear larger in the photos because of the magnification – I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed (although honestly, thats not likely when you have this ring on your hand ♥️) As with most old cut diamonds this one is included. Diamond grading was not invented when this stone was cut – it seems unjust to try to apply it now. I would like to make you aware that there is a small natural cavity inclusion on one of the side facets. The star setting makes the chunky diamond look much larger than her dimensions. This glorious stone has a fire all her own and will warm the heart of any old cut diamond lover.

The 15ct gold setting is in outstanding condition with no signs of repairs or resize. The band is thick and secure all the way around. It is marked 15ct to the inside of the band, but bears no other hallmarks. It was most likely made in Australia.


A stunning beauty, this sleek Gypsy style ring is from the Victorian Era. It features one chunky .35 carat or 35 point natural old cut diamond in an arresting star setting and two natural deep red rubies in a weighty 15ct rose gold band.

Currently a size N or 6.75 but resizable within reason.

The old cut diamond has a diameter of approximately 4.2mm, the rubies are 3.2 x 2.5mm
The ring measures 7mm wide at the front, tapering to 2.6mm at the back. It is 2mm thick at the front, reducing to .6mm at the back. It weighs 4.2 grams.

Additional information



Ring Size

Aus / UK N
USA 6.75


Yes! Up or down within reason.


One Natural Old Cut Diamond, approximately 35 points
Two Natural Rubies, each approximately 3.2 x 2.5mm


15ct gold


The ring measures 7mm wide at the front, tapering to 2.6mm at the back.
It is 2mm thick at the front, reducing to .6mm at the back.
Weighs 4.2 grams.