White Witch : Edwardian Era Moonstone Festoon Necklace in Sterling Silver


Jewellery from the Edwardian Era owes a great deal to Queen Alexandra, who was a major fashion icon of her time. Alix favoured layers of chokers and collar length necklaces, which was how she fabulously disguised a scar at her neck. She is often seen wearing festoon necklaces like this piece. White gemstones were very popular during the Edwardian Era. The joie de vivre of the Belle Epoqué is reflected in the light airiness of the jewellery, moonstone necklaces were the height of fashion.

Moonstones are my favourite gemstone, it’s always a thrill to find a piece of high quality clear moonstones unblemished by inclusions and with the unmistakable ‘blue flash’ or adularescence that moonstone lovers seek. The moonstones in this piece are all wonderfully magical and will appear to witches of every colour and those who are drawn to magical, whimsical, etherial beauty.

Modelled in Sterling silver. There are no hallmarks but the metal content has been confirmed by XRF test.

The 21 moonstone cabochons range in size from the large circular stone at centre top with a diameter of 10.6mm and the largest oval moonstone at the bottom of the centre drop measuring 11.6mm x 9mm, to the smallest measuring 5.8mm x 4mm.

The necklace measures 43cm long (17″).
The drop at centre is 38.35mm in total.
Weighs 7.84 grams.

In beautiful original condition, lightly polished to retain some of the aged patina. The silver can be polished to new by request. Ready for immediate wear.


An abundance of magical Ceylon type moonstones with a deliciously magical blue schiller, all set in Sterling Silver in this whimsical festoon necklace from the Edwardian Era, circa 1905.

The necklace measures 43cm long (17″).
Weighs 7.84 grams.