Always Appropriate : Mid Century Mikimoto Akoya Pearl Necklace


Every canny cell in my body is begging me not to sell this necklace.

First of all this string of top quality Mikimoto Akoya pearls feels sexier to wear against your skin than silk lingerie, plus it’s entirely appropriate to wear in public.
Next, the 80 gorgeously matched lustrous orbs are deliciously plump at 6.55 to 6.9mm in diameter, and a hard to find 60cm (23.6″) in length.
Finally, I fully expect to never ever find another as nice as these. This feels terribly disloyal to the string of pearls I inherited from my Nonna, but I have to be honest – this is a far superior string of pearls. Word on the street is that our poor stressed oceans are just not capable of making pearls like these any longer, and Mikimoto pearls are the highest quality cultured pearls ever made. These are, in all honestly, the best of the best.

Dating to the 1950’s-1960’s, this 60cm long string of pearls fastens with a silver clasp bearing the Mikimoto hallmark. The pearls are ever so subtly graduated from 6.5mm to 6.9mm in diameter. They are beautifully matched in colour and with the deep lustre Mikimoto pearls are known for. The necklace weighs 35 grams.

In beautiful vintage condition, there are very minor signs of wear visible on a few of the pearls under magnification, which confirms that these are authentic vintage Mikimoto Akoya pearls.


Dating to the middle of the 20th Century, 1950-1960, this string of 80 Mikimoto Akoya pearls are  6.55 – 6.9mm in diameter. The necklace is 60cm long and fastens with a silver clasp bearing the Mikimoto hallmark.

Weighs 35 grams.