Blue Whimsy : Antique Australian Aquamarine Necklace by Aronson & Co.


Reminiscent of a butterfly, this antique necklace is an unusual twist on the elegant triple drop necklaces favoured by ladies of the Edwardian Era, circa 1901 – 1915. The styling is approaching Art Deco and suggests this piece may date to the later part of the 1910’s or perhaps the early 1920’s.

Featuring fine natural aquamarine gemstones and delightfully whimsical styling including square spirals and tulip shaped sections set with seed pearls.

Made by Aronson and Co. – one of the early esteemed jewellery houses of Australia. Originally founded as Rosenthal, Aronson and Co. in 1878 in Melbourne, they traded as Aronson and Co from 1902 – 1947. The hallmark for Aronson and Co. is a flag, it can be found on this necklace alongside the other stamps used by the Manufacturing Jewellers Association of Victoria, which were in use from 1903.

Modelled in 9ct gold and set with natural (unheated) aquamarines and seed pearls. The four aquamarine gemstones are well matched, of a pale blue hue with a hint of green in some lights. This beautiful colour combination is where the aquamarine gets its name – it means “water of the sea” in Latin. The gemstones have been examined by an independent gemologist and verified as natural aquamarines, the hints of green suggest that they are unheated gemstones.

The necklace measures 32.34mm x 54mm x 4.4mm. It has the original choker length 37cm / 14.6″ trace chain with barrel clasp. The chain can be replaced with longer lengths if you wish to wear the necklace lower on the décolletage. Please let me know if this is something you would like adjusted, my expert jeweller will be happy to assist, or any competent bench jeweller would be able to manage this.

The aquamarine gemstones are all hand cut and of slightly varying sizes. They are held securely in individual coronet claw settings.
The central round aquamarine has a diameter of 7.1mm.
The pear shaped stone in the central drop measures 12.54mm x 5.3mm x 3.5mm.
The pear shaped stone in left drop is 9.5mm x 5.68mm x 4mm.
The pear shaped stone in the right drop is 10mm x 5.47mm x 3.5mm.

The necklace weighs 5.2 grams.

The Australian hallmarks can be found on the bar  leading down from of the central round faceted aquamarine.

In  excellent antique condition.
The gemstones are free from chips or scratches, the pearls have their full natural lustre and the wirework is in excellent condition. There is some discolouration to the gold links near the barrel clasp, but I will polish that off before sending it.



A delightfully whimsical Edwardian era necklace featuring natural pale aquamarines and seed pearls made in 9ct gold.

The necklace measures 32.34mm x 54mm x 4.4mm. It has the original choker length 37cm / 14.6″ trace chain with barrel clasp.

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