Sweet Feet : 1920s Sterling Jewellery Box


A special little treasure, to hold your special little treasures. This darling Edwardian Sterling Silver trinket or jewel box is the perfect size to sit on your nightstand and hold your daily jewels. It can comfortably hold several rings at once, keeping them cosy until the morning.

Three dainty yet sturdy little feet with floral embellishments raise this silver box from the table top. A wreath of acanthus leaved have been engraved into the lid. The interior is lined with the original pale sea-green silk and velvet, it is in remarkably good condition for an antique box. The silver does show it’s age with a number of small bumps and ripples, but it is still a handsome and useful antique. I think of the signs of wear as a testimony to its long and useful life – and also a bit of a reprieve, if it was perfect wouldn’t it feel terrible to be the one to add the first ding!? Fortunately we’ve been spared that agony.

The bottom of the box has been cleverly weighted, preventing it from tipping over when the lid is up. The lid opens smoothly and closes firmly and securely, the hinge is in excellent condition.

Near the hinge are a series of British Hallmarks, denoting the maker as Henry Matthews, assayed in Birmingham 1923.

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Made by Henry Matthews, assayed in Birmingham 1923

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Edwardian circa 1923


Outside: 38mm tall, 52mm wide, 54mm deep
Inside: 34mm diameter, 16mm deep + 5mm inside the lid
Weight: 64g


Sterling Silver