Slinky Links : Victorian Sterling Book Chain Collar


Victorian book chain necklaces are an excellent example of antique jewellery that manages to look completely contemporary. The fabulously chunky links are very chic and edgy, no lace doilies here! The book chain design emerged during the latter part of the Early Victorian Era, or Romantic Period (1837 to 1860) and was worn at that time with a large locket at the front. The locket may no longer be the cat’s pyjamas, but the chunky chain definitely is! I believe this necklace may be a later example, as the hand-engraved floral links strongly hint at the ideas and motifs that were popular during the Aesthetic Movement (also during the Victorian Era, old Vicky reigned for a really long time) of the 1870’s and 1880s.

The necklace weighs in at hefty 40 grams – you definitely know you’re wearing it, but I mean that in a silk lingerie kind of way. It measures 43.5cm (17″) long , including the clasp. Due to the weight of the finely handcrafted links it finds its perfect place to sit on your collarbones and stays there, moulded to your contours. It feels majestically regal, and seriously badass. The back is silky smooth so you can also wear it in reverse for a less Victorian and more steampunk look.

It is not hallmarked, but has been XRF tested to confirm it is sterling silver throughout.  You can add your own silver locket or pendant to the clasp, or wear it with the clasp at the back as I have in the photo.


A Victorian Era circa 1880 book chain collar necklace, handmade in sterling silver with hand-engraved floral links and ball finials.

The necklace measures 43.5 cm long (17″). The links are 15.6mm high x 11mm wide & 4.3mm deep. The necklace weighs 40.3 grams.

It will arrive in a gorgeous blue velvet presentation box.

Additional information


circa 1860 – 1880


Sterling Silver
unmarked but verified by XRF test


43cm long, including the clasp
weighs approximately 39 grams