To The Moon & Back : Victorian Era “Honeymoon” Crescent Moon and Star Bangle


I have not come across a more enchanting treasure than this, divine token of love.

A heavenly slice ✨🌙  “I love you to the moon and back” is the sentiment in this beautifully crafted antique jewel. Celestial themed jewels have always been popular, but were especially so during the late Victorian and the Edwardian eras. The moon has a special connection with the feminine – these tokens were popularly given by a groom to his bride as a honeymoon gift, and then worn with affection in the years that followed. The addition of diamonds to the motif implies love that will endure forever.

Antique pieces such as this one are very rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Bangles such as this cannot be resized and so it is wise to be certain that this one will fit to avoid disappointment. The bangle is an oval shape, designed so that it won’t spin on the wrist. The maximum inside diameter is 62mm and the circumference is 18cm. I suggest that the best fit will be achieved for those who have a wrist measuring between 16.5 – 17.75cm (6.5″ – 7″).

The hollow knife edge bangle is constructed from 12ct gold, with the moon and star motif made in silver, as was customary at the time this piece was made. Diamonds were felt to sparkle more brilliantly when set into white metal, and as jewellers had not yet learnt how to work with platinum, and white gold had not been invented, silver was the only choice. The metals are unmarked and have been verified by XRF test. 12ct gold was most commonly used by British watchmakers for it’s durability, although surviving pieces in this gold fineness are rare.

An assortment of old cut, rose cut and brilliant cut diamonds are bead set into the sterling silver decorative motif. The largest diamond is a deliciously plump old mine cut stone of approximately 2.7mm diameter set into the centre of the star. Five smaller 1.5mm diamonds have been set into the five points of the star (2 rose cuts and 3 brilliants). A further 9 natural diamonds adorn the crescent moon (the larger 7 diamonds are old mine cuts, the two smallest stones at each end are brilliants), with an additional six diamonds in the decorative flourishes (three old mine cuts, two brilliants and one rose cut) bringing the total carat weight to approximately .5 carat of natural diamonds*. Each of the stones set into the moon and star are open at the back, allowing for the maximum amount of light to reach the stones.

The safety chain is sterling silver trace link chain, quite likely original.

The bangle weighs 7.9 grams

Good wearable antique condition with some evidence of repairs. There are a few dents to the gold bangle as might be expected with pieces of this fineness and vintage. There is also some signs that the bangle has been reduced in size at some point – a very difficult ting to achieve. In my experience these bangles are usually hinged right at the widest point of the bangle with two equal pieces making up a whole – but in this case the top half of the bangle is a smaller section of oval than the bottom half.  This cannot be seen when worn and does not effect the function or durability of the piece.
I had the clasp replaced by an antiques specialist as the old one was too stiff to operate one handed.

*Please be aware that the 7 small brilliant cut diamonds would be later replacement stones as brilliant cuts were not invented until the 1930s. I did look into having them replaced with more authentic stones, but the current stones have been set with such precision and care I was advised against it.

I hope you with think of these imperfections as part of the pieces legacy – it has been worn, loved and treasured throughout its long life.

The bangle has been professionally cleaned and is ready for immediate wear, but please do treat this darling thing with care commensurate with the treasure she is. May she hold you and yours spellbound for generations to come.

You can see a video of the lovely sparkle on my instagram account @secret_histories or online here.

It will arrive in the original antique bangle box by Frasers Jewellers of Brisbane that has kept it safe for the last 150+ years.


A delicate crescent moon and star bangle dating to the mid to late Victorian era (1860 -1901) made in 12ct gold and silver, studded with half a carat of diamonds.

The bangle has a maximum internal diameter of 62mm, and an inside circumference of 18cm. I suggest that the best fit will be achieved for those who have a wrist measuring between 16.5 – 17.75cm (6.5″ – 7″).

It weighs 7.9 grams

There is some evidence of past repairs, however it is in good antique condition, has been professionally cleaned and polished with all setting checked. It is ready for immediate wear.

It will arrive in the original antique bangle box by Frasers Jewellers of Brisbane that has kept it safe for the last 150+ years (not pictured: photos available upon request.)