The Lucky Country : Victorian Horseshoe Ring with Solid Australian Jelly Opal in 18ct

Who doesn’t need a little extra luck in their hand? This delicate antique Victorian ring is certain to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step, and hopefully a little extra luck everywhere you go.

Made of rich 18ct yellow gold this little ring has certainly seen a thing or two. She was hiding, cinderella style, in a layer of dirty neglect – but has been magically transformed with a professional polish and the addition of a vintage solid Australian opal in her sturdy empty claws. She is now ready to glow on your hand 💖

This ring dates to the late-Victorian period, 1880 – 1901. The Victorians were spellbound by symbolism and this lucky horseshoe definitely fits the bill – in fact the horseshoe is one of the most well-known good luck symbols in the western world and has been used as a charm to ward off evil and bring good luck since long before the Victorian era. The Victorian’s took it one step further, imbuing the symbol with “success, luck, many blessings and good fortune” for the wearer. Horseshoes were popular choices as gifts.

Some of you may have herd a story that opals are “unlucky” stones. This myth came about because of a work of fiction by Sir Walter Scott called “Anne of Geuerstein” written in 1829. The heroine of this novel was Lady Hermione who wore an enchanted opal in her hair, and who dies when a drop of holy water accidentally falls on her opal. Following the enormous success of the story popular belief held that opals were unlucky stones. (And let us remember that Sir Walter Scott swore black and blue that both ghosts and fairies are real…) Queen Victoria didn’t believe a word of it and came to love opals as one of her favourite jewels. She felt, as the Ancient Romans did, that opals held the colours of all of the most beautiful gemstones. In Ancient Rome opals were given as tokens of good fortune, hope and purity.

The vintage opal I have selected for this ring is of the highest quality – it is very bright and colourful, holding a whole rainbow of hues. Whenever possible I prefer to re-use vintage stones (no need to dig more holes in the ground) and this one came from the collection of a third-generation jeweller in Adelaide. It’s an absolute delight.

The shoulders of the ring are delicately formed with scrolling finials.

You’ll find a video of this ring in action on my Instagram account @secret_histories, or online at


Dating to the late Victorian Era, approximately 1880 – 1900.
Most likely Australian Made.

You’ll find the worn remains of an antique 18ct hallmark on the outside of the band (purity verified by XRF test) – an unusual place to find a hallmark on an Australian made ring. It narrowly escaped being chopped out during a resize many moons ago – you can see evidence of the resize from inside the band.

The horseshoe head of the ring measures 9.6mm x 8.8mm. The solid round cabochon opal measures 4mm in diameter, and sits 4.4mm high on the finger.

It is a small size UK/Aus H1/2
US size 4.25
a little resizable.

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9.6mm x 8.8mm

Ring Size

UK/Aus H1/2
US 4.25




18 karat yellow gold