Sweet Nothings : Signed 1920s Crystal Riviére Necklace


Exceptionally elegant and very, very sparkly. I wore this necklace to the supermarket (funny how going to the shops is a big deal these days!) and it sent rainbows bouncing around the car! Quite enchanting, but very distracting.

The workmanship in this lovely riviére or collar length necklace belies its simple materials – a hallmark of costume jewellery of the 1920s. The white metal is stamped ‘Plantinon’. The following information on plantinon is taken from the A. Brandt & Son website : “Platinon is a rare metal alloy invented to imitate platinum. Jeweler John Wall of Birmingham UK produced and featured jewelry made of platinon at the British Industries Fair in 1922 and 1929, marketing it as “The Reputable Platinum Imitation – Finest Finish – Untarnishable.” It was used for a brief period of time to produce high quality pieces of costume jewelry which are now increasingly difficult to find. The metal most closely resembles the color of sterling silver with a natural patina or a soft gunmetal color, however, it does not tarnish.”

Each of the leaded crystal cut stones is set into its own open-backed fitted mount and held in place with four elegant claws. The stones alternate from round to square cuts. The stones are all in excellent condition with a nibble or fleabite here and there – nothing that would be noticed except under detailed scrutiny.

The clasp is in excellent condition.

The 17 square stones have a diameter of 8.2mm each, and the 18 round stones have a 7.9mm diameter. The necklace is 46cm long (18 1/12″) and weighs 21.6 grams.

This beautiful example of 1920s glamour is ready for immediate and everyday wear. An astounding amount of bling for your buck.


A stunning diamond paste necklace circa 1920s in ‘plantion’ white metal of alternating round and square cut crystal stones.

The necklace is 46cm long.
Weighs 21.6 grams