Spell Caster : Marquise Cut Alexandrite Ring in 9ct Yellow Gold


Marquise Cut Dream Boat 💜 This witchy wonder is a sizeable imitation Alexandrite (lab created corundum) gemstone in a fancy boat-shaped setting. Synthetic alexandrite stones are often of the “colour change” variety, changing hue in natural or artificial light. But this one is different! It has a property known as pleochroism – it is able to be two colours at the same time depending on the angle of light hitting the stone. How is that for magical! 💙💜 The colour shift is from an intense violet to rose, with a little pale blue sneaking in sometimes 🔮

I was captivated by the intense purple hue of this stone the moment I laid eyes upon it 💜 The huge marquise cut is the perfect compliment for its subtle colour-shifting abilities. It has a huge presence on the hand and the detailing on the gallery makes it as arresting from close up as it is from a distance.

Hallmarked 9ct to the inside of the band with a makers mark that I haven’t been able to identify. This ring has definitely been someone’s “special occasion” piece as it shows absolutely no signs of wear – the stone is crisp without scratches or chips.

You can see a video of this ring in action on my Instagram account @secret_histories or online here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BwgKLJ7B9Xq


Lab created marquise cut corundum gemstone, Circa 1950/1960

The stone measures 19mm north-south and 10mm east-west. The ring sits 5.8mm high on the finger.

Hallmarked 9ct

Size UK/Aus L
USA size 5.75
somewhat resizable