Seven Sisters : Art Deco Moonstone Bracelet in Sterling Silver


Sleek, sensuous and mesmerising, seven large silver grey moonstone cabochons in silver collet settings are the centrepiece of this classic Art Deco bracelet.

The moonstones are all well matched in their luminous silvery hue, but each of the stones is slightly different in dimensions from her sister. Many of the cabochons are of the high domed ‘sugarloaf’ cut. Each is flawless, unblemished by scratch or chip. Each mysterious stone holds its own unique schiller, joining with its neighbour sister in an etherial dance of light and magic. The moonstones have been authenticated by a gemologist as natural moonstone.

Moonstone has a rich history and abundant folklore. The Ancient Romans believed moonstone was formed from solidified beams of moonlight. They also held that the Roman goddess Diana (Artemis), goddess of the moon, could be seen within the stone, and that it would bestow love, wisdom and good fortune upon those who possessed it. They believed it would help keep the mind clear, so that its owner could make the smartest and wisest choices in life, and even enhance the wearer’s ability for second-sight or prophecy. Moonstone was a most popular jewellery choice, being such a magical looking stone, and having such benefits for its wearer.

Moonstones are one of the birthstones for June.

The moonstones range in size – the largest central stone measures 15.5 x 9 x 6.5mm , gradually descending on each side with the smallest stone measuring 10.5 x 6.5 x 6mm. They have a combined carat weight of approximately 25.4 carats.

Each moonstone is bezel set into a sterling silver collar, and hinged to her sister. The chain is a simplified gate link, terminating at a secure box link clasp with safety chain. The metal is unmarked but XRF tests as Sterling Silver, 925.

The bracelet measures 17.5 cm (for a medium sized wrist). It weighs 13.2 grams.

You can see a video of the bracelet being worn on my Instagram account @secret_histories, or online here:

Professionally cleaned, it is ready for immediate wear.


An authentic Art Deco period (1920 -1930’s) bracelet in Sterling Silver featuring seven large, high quality natural moonstones with a combined carat weight of 25.4 carats.

The bracelet measures 17.5 cm. It weighs 13.2 grams.

Professionally cleaned and polished and ready for immediate wear.