Ropes of Gold : The Essential Antique Muff Chain


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A staple of  every antique jewellery collector is the muff or long guard chain – you only need one but it needs to be the right one. These extra-long chains are incredibly versatile and can be worn in a multitude of ways. They are perfect for layering and can support several charms with the addition of a split-ring or three.

The most sought after muff chains are super long, super light and solid gold, which is what we have here. It’s sturdy yet lightweight. The extra, extra long lends itself to an infinite number of styling options – as either a necklace or a bracelet. Originally this chain was worn around the neck and through a fur muff (fancy hand warmer), enabling the muff-wearer to remove her hands from the muff but not drop her beautiful and practical hand warmer. Today it’s the perfect chain to hang your favourite fob (or fob collection!) or mix it up with pendants and charms from across all eras.

The ribbed solid gold links of this chain are unusual in that each link is actually two links joined together. The chain does show signs of gentle wear, which is to be expected in a piece of very useful antique jewellery, but has another 100+ years of stylish wear in her. Another unusual aspect of this gorgeous chain is its gold content – it is stamped as 9ct gold but tests closer to 10ct and looks like 18ct. I suspect that the solid 9ct gold links have been plated with 18ct gold to make a super strong chain that looks like it’s made of a much softer higher carat gold.

This listing is for the chain only and does not include any of the pendants photographed – they are examples of styling possibilities.

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Solid 9ct yellow gold muff or long guard chain with ribbed links from the Victorian Era .

The chain measures 159cm or 62.5 inches and weighs 9.5 grams

It has both a dog clip and bolt clasp.

Additional information


Victorian 1837 – 1901


9ct Yellow gold, with hallmarks and verified by XRF test.


length: 159cm (62.5") including clasps
weight: 9.5 grams