Radiant Sun : Georgian Era Lace Agate Conversion Pendant


With a beautiful lace-like appearance made by the concentric layers of banded agate, and framed by a band of 9ct yellow gold with old world Georgian Era claws (circa 1820), this is one of those curious antique pieces that somehow look absolutely contemporary.

This large lace agate piece first came to me in the form of a brooch – it had a rusted steel pin at the back, complete with a Georgian era hinge and C clasp. It did already have the pendant loop at the top. Although I am definitely a brooch lady and wouldn’t usually alter a piece, I felt this one would be much more wearable with the brooch fittings removed, and I’m very pleased with the result.

Agate has been highly valued as a talisman or amulet since ancient times. It is believed to have protective qualities, as well as being stabilising, grounding and supportive.

Lace agate is an amazing stone – a type of banded agate or chalcedony in which the layers of minerals have formed delicate in patterns within the stone. This large piece is formed by concentric layers of orange, white and clear crystal to create an organic lace-like appearance.  Although the stone looks delicate it is one of the hardest of the gemstones – a 7 on the Mohs scale (Peridot and Onyx are also a 7 in hardness). The slice of agate is translucent and responds to direct sunlight by glowing orange, it’s quite marvellous.

This listing is for the agate pendant only. I do have some lovely antique and vintage chains that pair well if you are looking for a complete item of jewellery. Please do ask for some recommendations as not all of my chains are listed. It would be my pleasure to help you create something unique that suits your style.


A Georgian Era (circa 1820) 9ct gold and lace agate conversion pendant.

The pendant measures 29mm high (not including the bail), 33.5mm in length and 2.8mm wide.

There are no hallmarks for gold content on this piece, which is quite normal for an item of jewellery of this vintage. It has been tested to verify gold content.

Additional information


Georgian circa 1820


Lace Agate (chalcedony)
9ct gold (tested)


Height: 29mm (not including the bail)
Length: 33.5mm
Width: 2.8mm