Perfect Every Day : 22ct Gold Skinny Wedding Band


There is no colour quite as pleasing as 22ct gold. It’s not yellow, it’s not rose, but hovers somewhere in between in that “buttery gold” middle ground. There’s a good reason it’s been sought after through the ages.

This darling little ring is just the right whisper of gold to be a practical every day ring – it will stack with your other rings beautifully or make an elegantly understated band all on its own. If you’re planning on three rings for your ring finger you’ll find the 2mm width very practical and complimentary.

With a full set of crisp English hallmarks to the inside we can tell that this ring was made in 1925 (so nearly antique!) in the city of London (only the finest!)> I haven’t been able to learn the makers, but I believe their mark is W.W.Ld


Circa 1920

Size: Aus /UK O or USA 7.25

2mm wide, 1.2mm thick and weighs 2.54 grams

Additional information

ring size

Aus / UK Size O
USA size 7.25


yes, but please do take care of the hallmarks


2mm wide
1.2mm thick
weighs 2.46 grams