Micro Colour Pop : Antique Natural Coral Dormeuses Earrings


Dainty drops of antique coral – a little burst of vitamin C, a drop of sunshine, a hopeful pick-me-up 🧡

Coral seems like the ideal antique antidote for our pandemic predicament. Harvested from the sea floor of the Mediterranean, coral is one of the most ancient of precious stones. The Ancient Romans believed coral could ward off illness and danger. I won’t make any aspersions on it’s abilities with COVID-19, but it can’t hurt to try? In any case you’ll feel some psychological relief wearing these beautiful treasures from the sea.

Dormeuses are a kind of “sleeper” earring (Dormeuses means sleeper in French), but unlike modern sleepers the catch is at the front of the earring, not the back. This makes them a bit tricky to do up and take off at first, but once you get the knack of it you’ll never look back. Just like modern sleepers they are incredibly comfortable, so much so that you’ll forget you are wearing them.

The earrings date to the early 20th century, circa 1910. They were made in Germany and are stamped 333 with a makers mark that I have not been able to identify. 333 is low carat gold, only 8ct which is the lowest standard for Germany. In Commonwealth countries our lowest is 375 for 9ct, but in Germany they mixed their alloys a little more generously. The colour of the gold looks for all the world like 18ct – I was taken aback when I saw the marks under my loupe.

The earrings have a drop of 14.5mm. The coral cabochons have a 6mm diameter.
They weigh 0.8 grams for the pair.

Very fine milgrain edging surrounds each of the coral cabochons. The earrings are closed at the back. They are in lovely antique condition, ready for immediate everyday wear.

*please note that the antique box used in photos is for display purposes only and not included in the sale.


Turn of the century dormeuses or sleeper earrings circa 1910, made in Germany of low carat gold and set with natural undyed orange coral cabochons.

The earrings have a drop of 14.5mm. The coral cabochons have a 6mm diameter.
They weigh 0.8 grams for the pair – you’ll forget you have them on!