Luscious : Georgian Flat Cut Garnet Conversion Necklace in 18ct


Utterly delectable, this large Georgian era foiled and closed backed flat cut garnet gemstone is one of the most desirable jewels I’ve ever held. We’ve poured a lot of love into this piece to make her your favourite jewel to wear all year round to every occasion.

Garnets were the favoured stone of the Georgian Era, complimenting every complexion. They were set into a myriad of styles, some of the most popular being rivière necklaces, hair ornaments and day-to-night earrings. Garnets are one of the oldest gemstones found set into jewellery, they are said to bring the wearer protection from harm, to encourage success, romance, loyalty and emotional balance.

This piece is currently in its third incarnation. Originally part of a Georgian rivière necklace, it was converted into a stick pin in the Victorian Era – which is how I found it. It seemed fitting to convert her once again into a necklace, to be worn in style for at least another 100 years.

The natural flat cut garnet is held inside its original 18ct gold closed back crimped collet setting with the original foil at the back to enhance the stones glow and shimmer. We elected not to interfere with the finely handmade antique setting and created an 18ct gold collet for it to sit safely inside, held securely in place with four fine claws at each corner. Attached to the collet by small loops is a vintage 18ct box link chain with a built in extension.

The garnet measures 11.6mm x 13.8mm measured in the setting. The pendant measures 14mm x 14.9mm x 4.76mm. The necklace can be worn at two lengths – 41.5cm choker length, or 52cm. It is perfectly weighted on the chain and will sit centered no matter which length you choose to wear it.

The garnet is in remarkable condition for its age with no chips or scratches. The original foil remains bright. You can see where the stick pin was removed from the back of the pendant – we didn’t wish to risk hurting the original closed back collet by removing any more of the gold fittings. The 18ct gold pendant has been handmade to fit the original Georgian piece precisely. The chain is a vintage Italian made box link chain in lovely condition.

Please note this piece must never be submerged in water as the lovely foil at the back of the gemstone will darken with moisture.


A natural flat cut garnet in a foiled back crimped collet setting dating to the Georgian Era, it has been skilfully converted from a stick pin to an astonishingly beautiful necklace, allowing the allure and fire of the deep red garnet to take centre stage.

The garnet measures 11.6mm x 13.8mm measured in the setting. The pendant measures 14mm x 14.9mm. The necklace can be worn at two lengths: 41.5cm or 52cm. It weighs 6.4 grams.

The garnet is in immaculate condition with no scratches or chips. The antique foiling is bright. The 18ct gold collet setting for the Georgian era piece is brand new, but the chain is vintage box chain in lovely condition.

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