Lovebirds : Art Deco Swallow Brooch in Silver with Guilloché Enamel


These two little lovebirds have been flying side-by-side since they came into the world in the early 1900’s. Each bird is made from sterling silver and covered in beautiful blue guilloché enamel which remains in perfect condition. One of the birds has a blue breast, and the other yellow. The detailing underneath the enamel is extremely endearing with little individual feathers visible. The enamel included artful highlighting and shadows in the flawless enamel. An extremely well made piece, and one that has been treasured.

The birds are linked by a silver trace chain. The chain can be removed if desired with the aid of a pair of pliers.

Swallows have been popular motifs since the Victorian Era where they were understood to represent faithfulness. They were particularly in vogue during the Art Deco Period (1920 -1930) but are more commonly found as single birds, this is the first time I have seen a matched pair, and also the first time I’ve found one without a hint of damage to the enamel. They are a particularly fine example. The conjoined birds definitely carries overtones of everlasting love, faithfulness and happy marriage. Swallows mate for life and these two certainly look the part of fine, happy lovebirds.


A pair of sweet swallows or bluebirds from the early 1900’s or Art Deco period, joined by a silver chain. Each bird is a seperate brooch allowing for a number of styling options. The chain can be removed if desired.

Each bird measures 34mm from wingtip to wingtip, and has a maximum width of 21mm.
Stamped ‘Silver’ to the reverse of each brooch. The piece weighs 6.2 grams.