Instant Glamour : Early Art Deco Platinum and Diamond Brooch

Dating to the turn of the 20th century, right at the tail end of the glamour and optimism of the Belle Époque period, this glittering handmade marvel of ingenuity is as classic and timeless as a piece of jewellery can be. The 98 individually bead set diamonds glitter in all kinds of lighting – it’s an absolute fireball of rainbows in bright sunshine, and a delightful glitter bomb of sparkles in low lighting. The design of the piece is amazing in its sophistication – milgrain borders every one of the channels of platinum, adding another layer of shimmer to this glamorous piece.

At first I was really confused how to style something like this. I adore brooches, but I’m not accustomed to wearing diamonds, which made me think it might have to be a special occasion piece – but my good jewellery friends on Instagram assured me otherwise – just put it on *anything* they said, it will be amazing every time! So I gave it a try and … they were right!! It looks perfect on the lapel of a navy blazer, or at the throat of a collared shirt – and just as at home on a black velvet opera cloak. It adds a whole new level to the waistband of an a-line dress, or you can pin it to a length of ribbon and wear it at your wrist or throat. It would look just incredible pinned into a swept-up hairstyle! A thoroughly versatile piece that walks from the boardroom to the ballroom without blinking.

This piece comes with an independent secondhand replacement valuation of $5750 (Australian dollars), which is what you would expect to pay for a vintage brooch of this quality in an antique jewellery shop. The new-for-old replacement value is closer to $9000! Being an online store I don’t have the same overheads as a brick-and-mortar shop and can offer it to you for an absolute steal.

I have found it difficult to capture the brilliance of this brooch in still photographs – for a better idea of her shimmering effect please take a look at the short videos on my Instagram account @secret_histories, or online here.


A glorious handmade Art Deco brooch of the finest quality, dating to 1920, modelled in solid platinum, including the pin and clasp, and set with 98 single cut diamonds with a total estimated weight of 2.65 carats. The natural diamonds range in colour from E/G and clarity from VS-P3.

The brooch closes securely with a handmade trombone catch. It is in all original condition with no repairs or alterations. It looks as fresh today as the day it was made, and every bit as stylish and fashionable, too.

I have not been able to find any hallmarks, but the metal content has been verified by XRF test.

This piece will arrive in an appropriately sized presentation gift box – it doesn’t fit in the one in my photo, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for a vintage box of the right dimensions.

Additional information


early Art Deco circa 1920


Platinum (unmarked but verified by XRF test) and natural diamonds


50mm x 20mm
8.91 grams