Hearts Entwined : Vintage Scottish Luckenbooth Brooch


Scottish luckenbooth brooches are traditional love tokens. They are formed as two entwined hearts, sometimes with a crown on top 💛👑 and most often made of silver.
It is often given as a betrothal or wedding brooch. It might be worn by a nursing mother as a charm to help her milk flow, and/or be pinned to a baby’s clothing to protect it from harm. It was known as a witch-brooch by people using it to save children from the evil eye.
The luckenbooth brooch dates back to the 15th Century, but this one is nothing like that old – you’ll find tiny hallmarks for Edinburgh 1978 on the reverse.


A Scottish Victorian Revival brooch circa 1978 modelled after the traditional Scottish luckenbooth brooch which dates back to the 15th Century.

Made of sterling silver, hallmarked to the reverse with marks for Sterling silver, Edinburgh 1978.

Features original pin and rollover safety catch.

35mm north-south
35.5mm east-west
1.1mm thick (5mm including pin)

Additional information


Victorian Revival circa 1978


Sterling Silver


35mm north-south
35.5mm east-west
1.1mm thick (5mm including pin)