Glow Bug : Vintage Boulder Opal Bug Brooch in 9ct Yellow Gold


“You’ve got a bug on you, but it looks great.”

One of the friendliest Australian critters I’ve come across – unlike many of our Aussie creepy crawlies this is one bug you won’t be alarmed to see on your clothes.

This friendly vintage piece from the late 20th Century features a Queensland Boulder Opal cabochon as the bug’s abdomen. The base of the opal has a large window of colour, lighting up with neon green, yellow and orange as the light hits the stone. A rainbow of colours travel throughout the veins of opal in the ironstone matrix.

The brooch is formed of 9ct yellow gold and hallmarked to the back. The pin is made from a continuous gold wire and does not bend easily – this is a safety feature to make sure that once pinned to your clothing he won’t come off unless you ask him to. A safety rollover catch holds the pin closed.

A truly unisex piece of jewellery, ready for immediate, everyday wear.

You can see a video of this little guy in action on my Instagram at @secret_histories, or online here.


A vintage bug brooch featuring an oval cabochon cut Queensland boulder opal. The opal is bright and displays a range of colours in both natural and artificial light. His little bum lights up quite spectacularly in orange and green, although a rainbow of colours including teal, yellow and pink run through the veins of opal in the ironstone matrix.

A delightful unisex jewel in 9ct yellow gold. It features a rigid pin to the rear (does not flex open easily by design) and a rollover safety clasp. Once you’ve pinned this little guy to your jacket he won’t be going anywhere under his own steam.

The brooch measures 20.5mm x 19mm x 4mm (not including the pin). The opal cabochon is approximately 10mm x 7.5mm

Additional information


Late 20th Century – 1980ish


9ct Yellow Gold, hallmarked 375 to the back


Queensland Boulder Opal Cabochon
10mm x 7.5mm (approx.)


20.5mm x 19mm x 4mm (not including the pin)