Giddy Up : Victorian Era Galloping Horse Charm with Rose Cut Diamonds


Converted from a sweet Victorian era stick pin or cravat pin of a horse at full gallop, modelled in silver and rose gold with rose cut diamonds and a small red cabochon eye.

Small but delightful and perfect for any equestrian this lovely antique piece is circa 1890 and in good antique condition: perfect to wear every day. Covered with a liberal sprinkle of natural rose cut diamonds and a deep red cabochon eye, this little friends is sure to win your heart. The bridle has been picked out in gold which makes a delicious little detail. The cabochon is unfortunately too small to be identified definitively.

The stick pin or cravat pin was originally worn by gentlemen of the 18th and 19th century, nestled into the immaculate folds of linen or lace that were worn as neckwear according to the fashion of the day. It was one of the few jewels considered acceptable for gentlemen. Today tie or cravat pins are usually only worn on very special occasions, depending on the whim of the gentleman in question, of course! Charms, however, can be worn every single day whether it’s a day in your comfy clothes by the file our out on the town in your favourite little black dress – this fine fellow wants to be everywhere with you.

I had listed this piece in its original form as a stick pin, but I had numerous requests to turn it into a charm. It wasn’t a tricky conversion as the little fellow already had a hole for the jump ring – just a matter of removing the stick pin hardware and adding a gold bail. Unfortunately my jeweller gave it to his apprentice who got a bit overzealous with the saw. There is a mark to the silver at the back which can’t be polished out. Thankfully because it is at the back it’s not visible when worn. I’ve priced this piece to reflect that hiccup.

The horse measures 18.2mm wide, 9.3mm tall (not including the jump ring or bail) and is 2.1mm thick.
Weighs 1 gram

Please note that the gold chain is not included, however I’d be more than happy to help you find your perfect chain. Please let me know your favourite length and style.

You can see a little video of this charm sparkling away on my Instagram @secret_histories, or online here.


Converted from an adorable Victorian era (circa 1890) running horse stick pin or cravat pin into a sweet charm. The horse is modelled in silver and rose gold and covered in tiny rose cut diamonds.
In good antique condition, ready for immediate wear.

The horse measures 18.2mm wide, 9.3mm tall and is 2.1mm thick.
Weighs 1 gram