Edwardian Lace : Crescent Moon & Star Pendant Brooch by Duggin and Schappere


A heavenly slice 💚🌙 “I love you to the moon and back” is the sentiment in this beautifully crafted antique jewel. Celestial themed jewels have always been popular, but were especially so during the late Victorian and the Edwardian eras. The moon has a special connection with the feminine – these tokens were popularly given by a groom to his bride as a honeymoon gift, and then worn with affection in the years that followed.

This piece has been painstakingly handcrafted. Each of the graduating seed pearls is securely bead set and all stones appear to be original to the piece – a little miracle in itself. The sides feature an ornate hand-pierced detail, and the interior of the moon is filled with golden scrolls decorated with tiny milgrain detailing.

All of the pearls are lovely and white with a full coat of nacre – evidence that this piece has been treasured and cared for. The green stones are garnet-topped doublets, and these stones do show some wear to the girdle under magnification, but are otherwise bright and lively.

Is in excellent antique condition and ready to be worn.

The chain is not included, but I do have several available. Please get in touch if you’d like to see the chains we have available.


A quality early Australian piece by makers Duggin and Schappere in 9ct yellow gold. It can be worn as a pendant when hung from the cleverly hidden bale at the back, or worn as a brooch.

Each of the 23 natural seed pearls are in perfect original condition with no replacements.

The two small green stones are garnet topped doublets imitating peridot – while the garnet topped doublets are commonly found in jewellery of this vintage, it is unusual to find them in this hue. The stones show wear to the girdle under magnification, but are bright and lively when worn.

Measures 24.6mm high, 25.4mm wide, 6.5mm deep, not including the pin

Additional information


Edwardian 1901 -1911


Australian: hallmarked by Duggin and Schappere


24.6mm high, 25.4mm wide, 6.5mm deep, not including the pin


9ct yellow gold


23 natural pearls, all original with no replacements and no faults to note
Two garnet-topped doublets imitating peridot